Getting started


Make sure you have git, node >= 10.16, and npm installed. There might be problems if you use yarn as it doesn't use the package-lock.json file and you might get incorrect and untested dependencies.

Important: If you use Windows, you must use Bash (comes with Git for windows) as a command shell (otherwise scripts won't run).

Installation for development purposes

git clone
cd h5p-nodejs-library
npm install

This will install all dependencies in all packages, run lerna's bootstrap command, linking all cross-dependencies and downloads test-dependencies such as the h5p core and editor library as well as content types.

Structure of the repository

This repository is a so called monorepo and is managed by lerna. A monorepo is one repository for several packages, which can be found in the packages/ folder. Each subfolder is its own package, published via npm. Packages are mostly self contained except for the following cases:

  • node modules needed for every package are located in the root package.json and node_module folder. The jest testing framework and typescript are used in every package - therefore these are installed in the root node_module folder and made accessible in every package.

  • data used for unit and integration tests that are required by more than one package are located in test/data. Data used for only single packages is located in the respective package/<name>/test/data folder.

Building the TypeScript files

You must transpile the TypeScript files to ES5 for the project to work (the TypeScript transpiler will be installed automatically if you run npm install):

npm run build

Running the server-side-rendering example

To start the server-side-rendering example run

npm start

and open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

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