Project Status

The library is at a stage in which the major functionality of the H5P editor and player are working. You can check in the lists below, what is already implemented and what isn't.

Finished functionality

  • store and serve libraries / content types
  • store and serve content
    • create, read, update and delete operations on content
    • manage file uploads (= images, video etc.) in temporary files
    • decoupling of storage through interfaces
  • provide AJAX endpoints for the editor and player
  • backend communication with the H5P Hub
    • register the site
    • send usage statistics
    • get information about content types on the hub
    • download and install new content types / updates of content types on user request
  • validation of packages (structural integrity and conformity of content and libraries)
  • offers downloads for h5p packages ("exporting" content)
  • support for copy & paste in the editor
  • support for editor interface languages other than English
  • addons (required to display mathematical formulas)
  • MongoDB and S3 storage implementation for content and temporary files
  • library administration endpoint and React UI component
  • check permissions of users (install libraries, download h5p package, embed h5p package, create restricted, update libraries, install recommended, copy h5p?)
  • MongoDB and S3 storage implementation for libraries
  • Redis cache for caching
  • catch and relay xAPI statements
  • alter library files, semantics (allows site admins to change libraries without hacking the actual files; very useful) (published soon)
  • filter html to prevent cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.
  • add csrf tokens to AJAX POST requests
  • storing user state in the player (for continuing later where the user left off)

Unfinished functionality

  • validation of content against full library semantics (currently only text is validated)
  • logging & statistics generation: e.g. use of libraries by author, view of embedded content etc. (see h5p-php-library:h5p-event-base.class.php for a list of events)
  • provide embed route for content [embed links can be generated but no route yet]
  • bundle and cache assets (aggregates all css and js files into two big files to decrease http requests; done in h5p-php-library:h5p-default-storage.class.php->cacheAssets(...))
  • logging and statistics (there is a debug logger, but not one that allows you to log domain events)
  • mass content updates (possibly funded in the future)
  • option to disable H5P Hub
  • performance optimizations
Last modified 3mo ago